Ithaki Onion Pie


1250g Red Onion
270g Bacon
5 Eggs
5 Spoons of Butter
3 Spoons of Olive Oil
300ml Fresh Cream
500g Gouda
500g Edam
500g Emmenthal
400g Filo Pastry


By Poppy
Calypso Restaurant, Kioni, Ithaca. July 2016

Sweat the Onions and Bacon in a large pan on a low heat for 30 minutes.
Add the Cheese and Cream into the pan and stir gently.
Season the mixture with plenty of Salt & Pepper plus any other herbs of your choice.
Take the pan off of the heat, crack all of the eggs into the mixture, stir well and put to one side.
Get a deep baking tray and carefully grease the tin.
Divide your Filo pastry into even rectangles (most Filo Pastry comes in rectangular strips anyway).
Place the first layer of Filo Pastry into your baking tray.
Mix the Butter and Olive Oil together.
With a Pastry Brush wash the Filo Pastry layer with the Butter.
Repeat this step 4 times.
Fill the baking tray with the Onion, Bacon and Cheese mixture.
Fold the edges of the Pastry onto the top of the mixture.
Place 4 more layers of Filo Pastry on top of the mixture, washing the layers with Butter and Oil mix each time.
Tuck the pastry into the edges of the tin and score a diagonal line across the top of the Pastry.
Bake in oven till Pastry is golden brown.